AIT Central's suite of cost-effective solutions cover the entire life-cycle of the product with digital serialisation, tracking, and authentication.

Setting the bar for new industry standards

Deployed on more than 700 productions lines in 1,600 tracking locations across 50 countries, AIT Central is comprised of three core technologies and a package of specifically designed services to deploy, operate and manage these systems.


These three technologies are for serialisation, tracking, and authentication and are further explained below.

  • Serialisation through marking of products with unique and encrypted codes during production, impossible for counterfeiters to reproduce.
  • Tracking the product journey in the supply chain from manufacturer up to the first retailer.
  • Tracking the product history and securing its authenticity.


At the heart of our systems is a breakthrough coding and authentication technology that is impossible for counterfeiters to reproduce. Securely-encrypted, unique codes are generated and printed on product packaging during the production process.


Encrypted, non-replicable serialisation

  • We add a unique and encrypted marker (GS1 compliant) to individual and aggregated products at their source, effectively giving them a distinct DNA that cannot be generated by counterfeiters or unauthorized manufacturers
  • Each code is generated by a dedicated terminal on the production line and applied to products and packages during the manufacturing process
  • Each code includes several information, such as date and time of manufacture, pack type, destination market and price. Codes are not stored
  • Each code is generated based on information that is not available to counterfeiters: production machine, factory, and date and time of manufacturing


Our tracking technology consolidates finished goods movement across your entire supply chain – from factory, warehouse, third party logistics providers, up to point of sale. As products travel in the supply chain, movements are scanned by warehouse operators and logged in the journey history recorder.

Tracing across the entire supply chain, up to the point-of-sale

  • We deliver a cutting edge track & trace capability based on the use of unique codes
  • We provide system stability, scalability, excellent data access speeds and seamless integration with world-class ERP implementations
  • This tracking system is the world’s largest EPCIS compliant system that avoids the big data performance and cost issues often found in ERPs burdened by conventional mass serialization techniques
  • This technology has been successfully implemented in various high performance operations, servicing over 120 countries with annual volumes exceeding 50 billion units


Our solution allows mobile and on site product authentication and tracking. It retrieves product information and tracking data anytime, anywhere and can be used by all stakeholders.


Web and mobile-based authentication and tracing, anywhere, anytime

  • Anywhere along their journey, anyone – from government authorities, distributors, retailers and consumers – can authenticate the products by checking the validity of the codes with the code checker
  • It is the gateway for product authentication and tracking through multiple media: mobile application, SMS, web, Smartphone
  • It retrieves product information and tracking data anytime, anywhere and can be used by all stakeholders