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    How we're helping smaller tobacco manufacturers

    Read how lean, tailor-made and cost-efficient track and trace solutions help smaller tobacco companies comply with TPD2 in this article by Stefanie Rossel of the Tobacco Reporter.


    Traceability workshop supports regulation readiness

    Geneva 24th April, 2015: How to meet these new requirements of the 2014 EU Tobacco Products Directive? blue-infinity co-hosted an exclusive workshop on their track and trace solution, AIT Central.

  • AIT Central - a blue-infinity solution


    Anti-Illicit Trade (AIT) Central is blue-infinity’s suite of solutions and services to help companies combat illicit trade.


    AIT Central is already used across hundreds of production lines and thousands of tracking locations across the globe for serialization, product tracking, product tracing and authentication. 


    blue-infinity is the only experienced integrator of this full solution for authentication, tracking and serialisation.

Find Out how AIT Central can help your industry

  • Pharmaceuticals - Keeping in Good Health

    In their continuing battle against treatable health conditions and disease worldwide, the pharmaceutical industry, its partners and patients also face the very real threat of product counterfeiting, theft, diversion and false returns. 


    AIT Central works together with manufacturers and industry partners to deliver an end-to-end serialization, tracking and authentication solution.

  • Tobacco - Where Volume Counts

    Around 12% of the global cigarette market today is estimated to be illicit, costing legitimate tobacco companies and national governments tens of billions of dollars a year in lost sales and tax revenues. 


    blue-infinity’s AIT Central solution is based on Codentify technology and includes tobacco industry-specific advantages.

  • FMCG - Maintaining Growth

    FMCG is all about production line uptime and AIT Central successfully runs track and trace solutions at hundreds of factories worldwide, where volumes keep growing.


    Like for all of AIT Central's clients, the vision is holistic and long-term. With AIT Central as a partner, you can be sure that we continually strive to better understand your FMCG business, your constraints and your drivers. 

  • Luxury - A High Price to Pay

    Estimates value the global luxury goods industry at more than $300 billion a year, with global industry revenues on an extraordinary growth trajectory of 50% quicker than global GDP. 


    Genuine luxury products deserve better protection against counterfeiting to help ensure their authenticity, uphold their brand image and their revenues, which is possible through track and trace solutions.


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